Each EAF member, when applying as a Trainee, is asked to accept the EAF general rules. If you do not know them, please read them again.


The aim of the EAF training is giving to all EAF members a minimum flying skills standard in order to be able to survive in the virtual skies. The training period will be also a way to verify dedication, and real willing of trainees to be active members of the EAF organization.


After sending his application form at the EAF, each Trainee will get the rank of Flying Sergeant, and will participate to training lessons held by the EAF Training Officers. Training period is at least 4 weeks, depending on to the pilot's skills and capability to learn.

Each new trainee has a "personal record file" at T/O's nest, started with his first training night. Within the "personal record file" T/O's assess trainees and give their evaluation for:

a) AH = aircraft handling
b) SA = situational awareness
c) TA = tactical awareness TA

For the above mentioned skills, points are given from 1 to 5.
When a trainee has at least 3 points score for all skills (a, b, c) he will be accepted. If he do not achieves that in time, this is motivated by several reasons (not being there for training enough, technical problems, or whatever). T/O`s are also always open for discussions with their trainees to explain things if someone is asking.
Minimum training period is always 4 weeks. This is not a trial period of 4 weeks just to give junior members their wings at the end probation. Behaviour and dedication are taken into consideration, but flying skills are key factors for evaluation: we whish to make Trainees able to survive in the virtual combat skies. There will never be an acceptance just because someones training time is getting long.


We promote people (from P/O to F/O) basically as a consequence of DEDICATION.

    Within the EAF philosophy, dedication is:
  • active duty in flying online
  • improving flying and fighting skills, and helping others do it as well
  • participating to the EAF life
  • posting at the EAF forums
  • supporting EAF organization
  • recruiting new trainees
  • organizing events
  • helping the administrators in web site maintenance
  • helping other members in solving daily problems with online gaming or handling computers

Being an active member showing dedication for long time deserves to be recognized from the EAF, at least for lower rank.
Higher ranks should be based on effective contribution and capability to lead by example. Therefore promotion for long lasting duty will be allowed only for P/O to F/O. There will be no promotion over the rank of F/O unless you get more responsibility.

The number of F/O is variable within the squadrons. In principle it seem reasonable that a maximum of one pilot out of two would have the rank of F/O
The HQ ranks, Squadron Leader and higher, is of course based on a need as well as above mentioned things, with a high degree of leadership skills taken in account as well.

Squadron Leaders are responsible for their men, therefore is their responsibility to carry out promotion proposals to the HQ's. After HQ's approval, Squadron Leaders will announce promotions at Briefing Room and Squadron Forum. Each promotion will be supported by clear reasons behind, and those reasons will be clearly motivated in the promotion announcement.

Each EAF member can address to his own Squadron Leader or squadron X/O a personal promotion proposal for another fellow pilot who showed particular dedication to the EAF. This must be done personally, using the SQ/L personal e-mail address. Public proposal in the EAF forum are not allowed.
If the Squadron Leader will share the proposal motivation, and decide to support it, he will bring it to the HQ's. In any case, the Squadron Leader will give a personal answer to the proposing person, giving positive or negative feed back, motivated by reasons why.